Transformation is Happening

BRANZ is committed to lifting the performance of the building system in New Zealand so it can deliver better outcomes for all.

This commitment underpins everything BRANZ does. It guides our investment of the Building Research Levy and drives strategic leadership initiatives such as the development of the residential building inspection app, Artisan, and the Industry Transformation Agenda (ITA).

The ITA’s call for the industry to join forces to deliver transformative change across the sector started in 2016 and resonated with stakeholders across the industry and within government.

BRANZ is delighted that the foundational work of the ITA has set the path for the development of the Construction Sector Accord. For BRANZ, this provides a great opportunity to refocus our work, to partner with the Accord and identify activities and research priorities that can contribute to industry transformation.

BRANZ has welcomed the establishment of the Construction Sector Accord and is committed to contributing meaningfully to its success.

As an independent, impartial and evidence-based research agency we already offer a unique system wide perspective of industry practice and we can use these skills to support, resource and inform Accord initiatives.

Transformation of the building and construction sector in New Zealand is a challenging and long-term game. BRANZ remains committed to this outcome. In the short term, we see working with the Accord as an important contribution we can make.