Improve information flows and data

High quality information and data can support us to do our jobs better. We must find ways to unlock this information and data, sharing it with all partners on a construction project.


Despite the advances in supply chain management, the construction industry still relies heavily on phone and fax and struggles to connect partners working at opposite ends of the supply chain. We can better use information to speed up projects without compromising quality.

This priority area explores how to:

  • Better employ technology and practices to manage large volumes of data in real time
  • Improve the capture and flow of information data across the value chain
  • Use captured data to share best practice, improve efficiency and better understand needs of building users
  • Use captured data to reduce waste and improve sustainable outcomes
  • Ensure information flows are consistent in a project from beginning to end

Measuring success

We want to achieve the following shifts:

  • Technology allows industry to manage large volumes of data in real time
  • All of industry has access to the best practice information when and where they need it
  • Reduction in miscommunication