BRANZ CEO at Constructive19

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Industry colleagues joined forces at Constructive19 in Wellington last week to explore the key theme: Improving collaboration to enable the sector to deliver the change required to meet the construction industry’s growing demands.

September 2019

BRANZ CEO, Chelydra Percy, provided a perspective on the insights gained since the ITA was launched two years ago. The important foundational work of the ITA has led to the development of the Construction Sector Accord. BRANZ fully supports the work the Accord is doing to address industry issues and Chelydra explained how BRANZ is now refocusing the ITA to ensure the completed work and learnings to date can be incorporated into the Accord’s work. BRANZ will maintain focus on the longer-term future of the industry, while those needing to address the more immediate issues can do so knowing BRANZ is watching out for their future.

Chelydra also spoke about the role of technology in the industry and the importance of thinking about how it is going to be used and how it should deliver positive and intended outcomes – like improved trust and collaboration. Chelydra used the example of BRANZ carefully designing Artisan – a technology which is transforming the residential building inspection process through driving productivity and quality gains.

Read Chelydra's presentation. We have included the speaker's notes so that it is easy to understand.

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