Game changing Artisan app update

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The recent BOINZ conference in Rotorua saw BRANZ update key construction industry personnel on the exciting progress of the game changing Artisan product.

Artisan Video 2 - Update May 2019

Artisan app update

Artisan is a state-of-the-art mobile phone app and web console solution which has been developed by BRANZ to streamline the residential building inspection process. It provides a work flow to capture real-time photographic evidence of the quality of work for critical elements of a build corresponding to the stage checks undertaken by BCAs. The result is improved quality and speed of their inspection process, resulting in real productivity gains for the industry. Artisan has been a key project for the Industry Transformation Agenda.

Auckland Council and Tauranga City Council have been the first adoptors of the technology and the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Check out the video to see what they have to say about Artisan.

Chelydra Percy, BRANZ CEO and ITA champion, updated the industry about the proposed rollout for the project, “Artisan is a technology solution that will provide a lift in quality assurance for buildings, higher levels of workmanship, and a permanent record of evidence associated with each build. We have made excellent progress in stage one of our implementation plan and are using our findings to make sure the product is match fit for bigger scale use. We want to make sure that everyone receives the best experience using Artisan, which is why we agreed on a staged rollout, so that we could test it and eliminate any teething issues. We are looking to have Artisan fully available by August this year.”

The construction industry is expanding at such a fast pace that Auckland Council who has been a foundation user of Artisan said they are totally committed to using the new technology and believe they can’t continue to provide their current level of service without Artisan.

Phil Roberts from Tauranga City Council concluded, “For me it’s been a no-brainer since day one. Why would you NOT use it? is probably more the question.”

Artisan Project Manager Grant Ford hopes all councils will eventually use Artisan as part of their inspection arsenal, “The team will be delighted to help them get ready and going with the builders and projects of their choice in their Artisan jurisdiction.”

Any BCAs interested in using Artisan can email for more information.