Goals for action areas

We are focussing on areas where the industry has told us transformation is urgently needed, and where there is a gap in energy and effort to resolve the issue.

Short term goal – to explore ideas for transformative system change, and being guided by industry leaders in this. 

Long term goal – to build a pipeline of projects, supported by a consistent methodology. This work will address the pain points in the system and deliver enduring transformative change.

It is not the ITA’s intention to come up with all the answers to the industry’s challenges. Our aim is to connect initiatives across the sector and build on these to drive transformation. 

We want to foster a culture of collaboration and innovation across the sector. 

The new construction and specialist trades sectors have historically played and currently play critical roles in the support and evolution of businesses and society as a whole. However, while there is continued discussion around innovation, very little has happened and we lag behind other sectors in terms of our abilities to innovate and adopt innovations from other areas.

We need to shift our attention to the greater good of the entire construction and specialist trades sectors and understand the downflow effect on all businesses and on society as a whole that improvement in productivity and efficiency will make.

Jacqui Bensemann, Managing Director, Argus Fire Protection and BRAC representative